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Why Teens Choose to Have Sex

A study came out today, stating that the HPV vaccine does not encourage promiscuous behavior among female teens.

What constitutes promiscuity? Well, the study examined whether girls who received the shot at the recommended age, around 11-12, sought advice for birth control, STD or pregnancy tests, or became pregnant within the next 3 years. There was no significant difference between girls who did and did not get the shot. (Whether or not seeking reproductive health advice or becoming pregnant is accurately labeled as “promiscuity” is up for debate in my book.)

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Living with diabetes: One teen’s story

Having a chronic illness can be difficult for anyone. Add the challenges of being in high school, discovering who you are and what is important to you, juggling new relationships, future plans, and time for fun and having a chronic illness can be even harder. We asked one teen to talk with us about her story of living with type I diabetes (onset in childhood). Check out what she had to say.

Cyberbullying: The Story of Amanda Todd

My 12-year-old cousin shared this video with her mom, who then shared it with me. It is a video made by Amanda Todd, who starting at age 13, suffered constant social torment because of unfortunate online activity and an older man who took advantage of her. She made this video to tell her story of cyberbullying and resulting mental illness and suicide attempts, in the hope it might inspire others or find her a friend. The last line of the Youtube description reads, “I’m still here aren’t I?” Approximately a month later, she committed suicide at 15 years old.

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Drug Use Among Teens: Part 6 Inhalants

In this series we’ve been discussing various things teens may use to get high. So far we’ve covered alcohol, prescription drugs, marijuana, and even non-chemical things like the choking game. There are so many substances out there that it would be hard to cover everything! But before we end the series, I wanted to talk a bit about inhalants. Read full post »

Drug Use Among Teens: Part 5 the choking game

We’ve been talking about various drugs that teens may be exposed to in this series, but I wanted to also address other things teens may use to ‘get high.’ This post will focus on the ‘choking game,’ which isn’t a game at all. In fact, teens may ‘play’ this game because they see it as safe: it’s not a drug or alcohol. It can be done alone or with friends and is free. The problem is that this can be deadly. Read full post »

Sun Safety for Teens of Color: Myths & Facts

When we think of sun safety, we often picture someone with very pale skin who has a sunburn, or a Caucasian woman getting on a tanning bed. However, teens with darker skin also need protection from the sun, no matter what shade they are. It is true that people with darker skin are less likely to sunburn, and less likely to get skin cancer overall. However, that comes with some very specific disclaimers that all parents and families of teens of color should know. Let’s look at some myths about sun safety for people with darker skin, and what the true story is. Read full post »

Drug use among teens: Part 4 Alcohol

Drug and alcohol use amongst teens is not a new issue. In fact before this series, we had previous blog posts on these topics, but the substances that are used to get high are constantly changing names and new things are being introduced, so I felt a series dedicated to the subject was warranted. In this post, the focus will be on alcohol, the most commonly used addictive substance among teens. Read full post »

Is BPA Making Teens Obese?: Looking at the Recent Data

Bisphenol A, or BPA,  is a chemical that is used in the manufacturing of certain plastics. You’ve probably heard of it because there has been lots of research on its effects on babies. The FDA has recently banned the use of BPA in baby bottles and sippy cups, but BPA is still found in food cans and plastic packaging.

A recent study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, reports that obese kids and teens have higher levels of BPA in their urine (and thus in their entire system.)

So should you take steps to prevent your teen from BPA exposure? Let’s examine it a little further.

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