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More on birth control: Part 4 long term option placement and removal

This is the 4th in a series of video posts on birth control with Dr. Amies-Oelschlager. Here she discusses the placement and removal of long term, reversible, contraceptive options for teens.

Transgender Teens, Part 1: The Basics of Sex and Gender

When I first started writing the blog series on “Parenting LGB Teens,” a lot of people asked, “Where’s the T?” T, in this acronym, stands for transgender, and I decided to keep it for a separate series. Our knowledge of transgender health, challenges and treatment is relatively new, and many people are less familiar with transgender issues than with gay/lesbian/bisexual issues. This series will focus on transgender issues in general, and transgender adolescents in particular.

Before we discuss transgender, we have to discuss gender. And to discuss gender, we have to discuss biological sex.

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More on birth control: Part 3 long term options

This is the third in a series of videos where we discuss reversible, long term birth control options with Dr. Amies-Oelschlager. See our previous post on teens and birth control for written details.

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Parenting Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Teens, Part 7: Useful Resources

There is a world of wonderful resources out there for parents and families of LGB teens, and for LGB teens themselves. I’ve linked to some of them from my posts, but I wanted to give a few more. They all support transgender teens as well, which is convenient, since next week I will be starting on the series “Transgender Teens.” Read full post »

More on birth control: Part 2 Short Term Options

We’ve had previous posts on contraception or birth control in teens, but now we’re going to break down the options. This is the second in a series of 4 video blogs where we discuss contraception in a bit more detail with Dr. Amies-Oelschlager.

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Parenting Gay, Lesbian, & Bisexual Teens, Part 6: Advice from Religious Leaders

In my last post, I promised you advice from religious experts. I am so grateful that four Seattle religious leaders took time out of their busy schedules to give views and advice on different aspects of the spiritual and religious questions that arise when LGB teens come out to their parents. I can’t thank them enough for the wisdom and hope of their words, and I hope you find these videos as fascinating and inspiring as I did!




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More on birth control: Part 1 Plan B

We discussed Plan B in a previous post on emergency contraception. In this 1st post from our series of video blogs with Dr. Amies-Oelschlager. Listen while we talk about Plan B in more detail.

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Parenting a Gay, Lesbian, or Bisexual Teen, Part 6: Religion

This is a hard post to write. I consider myself at least somewhat of an expert on adolescents, but I am hardly an expert on religion. However, for religious families, there can be important issues that arise after their teen comes out as gay, lesbian, or bisexual.

There are gay, lesbian, & bisexual- friendly organizations and places of worship for almost all major U.S. religions, including Christianity (Baptist, Catholic, Episcopal , Evangelical, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, and many others), Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and Mormonism. If your faith is important to you, and your teen comes out as gay, lesbian, or bisexual, hopefully you are already worshiping at a place that is welcoming- or at least tolerant- of your teen’s sexuality. Problems begin when your tradition, congregation, or religious leader is not. You might be faced with demands that your teen change, that you change your teen, or that someone else have the chance to change your teen. They may threaten your teen with eternal damnation, a miserable life, or alienation from their spiritual tradition and community.

No matter what anybody tells you, you do have options, and you and your teen can work together to decide together what path you will head down. Read full post »

Teens, texts, and parties

A new piece of legislation on the responsibility of parents for teen’s alcohol use was recently passed on Mercer Island, a affluent community in the Seattle area. In March, the first parent was actually cited when his son had a party while he was away. This piece of legislation is not without controversy: questions like “should a parent be responsible for teen behavior when they are not present?” and  “If the teen drinks at home, is s/he safer than drinking alcohol outside?” often come up, but I thought of something different when I read the newspaper article in the Seattle Times. Did the teen have any idea that inviting a few friends over could get so out of hand? Read full post »

Parenting Lesbian, Gay, & Bisexual Teens, Part 5: Is This Just a Phase?

One feeling parents of LGB teens often struggle with is the suspicion, hope, or fear that their teen’s sexual orientation is simply a phase that will pass. If your teen has gone through phases of intense identification with a certain group or idea before, it can be worrying to think that your family is coping with this when your teen’s sexuality itself might be just a phase. Last year they were mooning over Justin Bieber, defending political anarchy, and planning on a career in music. This year they’re into Led Zeppelin, the Democratic party, and a future working in finance. Is their sexuality going to follow the same pattern?

The reason why teens can feel strongly, but fleetingly, affiliated to different groups, music, etc., is they are discovering their identity. Things will feel right or wrong for who they are, and they will incorporate what resonates with them into the young adult they are to become. Sexual orientation is not a rock band, but it’s not set in stone either.

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