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Back to School: time management

college studentSchool will be starting soon. This means an end to summer relaxation, sleeping in until noon, and having nothing to do all day. For teens, getting back into a routine can be a big challenge. Going back to school means having to manage their time.

I know as an adult, I feel like I rarely have time for myself. I’m constantly balancing work, social life, marriage, parenting with the need to eat regularly, exercise, and take care of my own health. Even though teens don’t have the same demands, that doesn’t mean that they have fewer people asking for their time. I wanted to take a couple of posts to highlight some issues that come up with returning to school. This post is meant to remind parents of the many demands teens have on their time and provide some tips on how to manage those demands. It is definitely not an all encompassing list! We’ll focus on time management today and talk about sports and extracurricular activities in the next post. Read full post »

Miley Cyrus, music videos, and parenting

kids watching tvCelebrities and parents in the US are talking about the MTV Video Music Awards that aired Sunday night. Most of the award show was a fun concert showcasing the latest popular artists like Justin Timberlake and Katy Perry, but there is a performance by one artist that has everyone buzzing: Miley Cyrus. She’s the same young lady who many of my teen patients grew up watching as Hannah Montana and last night she showed America that she wants to be seen as all grown up; an adult woman. Whether she relayed that message in an appropriate way is left up for discussion. The look on the face of Will Smith, who was sitting with his young teen children in audience, showed a parent who would agree with me that her performance was for mature audiences only. Read full post »

Is Indoor tanning safe for teens

Tanning bedIn Washington, we’re nearing the end of our summer and with winter comes days of grey skies and few glimpses of sun. Indoor tanning salons are so popular here they are in nearly every plaza mall you drive past and from what I can see, they seem to be a hot spot for teen girls. It turns out my observations aren’t that far off. A new study in JAMA found that about a third non-Hispanic White teenage girls and young women are regular patrons of tanning salons and the media has picked up on this as well. While we all enjoy a sunny day or walk on the beach in the summer, having ongoing exposure to UV light isn’t as harmless as it seems. Read full post »

Plan B Emergency Contraception: an update

We’ve blogged about Plan B, a form of emergency contraception, in the past to discuss what it is and why we feel it should be available over the counter, but there have been some important updates on legislation that we wanted to share.

Preparing Your Teen for College: Home for the Holidays

Right now you may be focusing on getting your teen settled into college life and the Holidays are months away, yet Thanksgiving and Winter break are just around the corner. Dr. Cora Breuner offers tips for time with your teen when they are home for the holidays.

Preparing Your Teen for College: long distance relationship or break up

young loveAs summer is getting into full swing, those teens who graduated from high school may be preparing to go off to college. For many of the teens I work with, moving means leaving behind friends, family, and a boyfriend or girlfriend. When I ask teens what they think will happen to the relationship, many tell me they aren’t sure. Often they are in their first serious relationship, one where their family and friends all know the significant other and much of the teen’s free time is spent with their partner. I ask them about what will happen to their relationship in order to get them to think a bit about the future, while enjoying the summer. Read full post »

In the News: 1 in 3 Teens Experiences Dating Violence

Closeup photo of a boy and girl holding handsDating violence- defined as physical, psychological, or sexual violence towards a romantic partner- is a common experience for teens. Recent research by the American Psychological Association states that 1 in 3 American teens (aged 14-20) have experienced dating violence. The actual numbers are slightly more complex: 1 in 3 male teens and 2 in 5 female teens have been the victim of dating violence, and 1 in 3 teens report committing dating violence.

When we think about violence, we often think about someone being punched or beaten. Physical abuse is a devastating type of dating violence, but psychological and sexual violence also hurt keenly and can cause lasting damage.

Why is this so common? What can we do about it? How do parents try to protect their teens from ending up being abused- or being the abuser? Read full post »

Preparing Your Teen for College: Study Abroad

We’ve asked Dr. Cora Breuner for tips on preparing your teen for college. In this clip she offers advice for studying abroad. We’ve covered this topic traveling abroad in a previous post, but here Dr. Breuner gives more detailed advice on the opportunities to study abroad during college.

Why you should consider the HPV Vaccine for your teen

tween hpv vaccineAs a parent, I try to protect my daughter against as much as I can. I put her in a car-seat with 5 point restraints, I make sure she’s wearing a jacket if it’s cold outside. She gets multiple servings of fruits and veggies each day, and I take her in for routine well child checks with her pediatrician. For my family, we decided that we also wanted to protect her from harmful infections, so we had her vaccinated. She’s only one year old, but I’m hopeful that as she grows she’ll continue to have good health and will never have to experience the burden of cancer. My father recently died of  cancer and a very close family friend (who never smoked a day in her life) is dying of esophageal cancer. In an effort to decrease my daughter’s risk, I’m also going to take her in to her pediatrician for the HPV vaccine when she’s 11 or 12 years old. Read full post »