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Raising a teen with ADHD

iStock_000011540923XSmallteenboydivorceWe had a previous post by Dr. Henry Berman on ADHD that reviewed how it can affect teens and warning signs that it may be impacting a teen’s life. We wanted to follow up that post by talking with a parent, so interviewed a friend who raised a teen with ADHD. Read full post »

Test Stress: Tips for Helping Your Teen Get Through Exams

What have I done!?It’s finals week at the University of Washington, and I am walking around in a daze, spending all my free moments studying (note: it’s no longer finals week, but it was when I wrote this!) It brings back memories of all the exam stress in high school, and the days and nights I spent huddled over my textbooks, desperately trying to cram one more piece of information into my tired brain. I wanted to spend a little time discussing ways to help your teen deal with that stress while still studying effectively. (You may wish your teen was a little more stressed out about exams, in which case this will be less helpful.)

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Sexually Transmitted Infections: Part 6 Syphilis

teens holding handsI started this series on sexually transmitted infections in teens with a post on how to approach the topic of sexual health with your teen. It can be awkward, but it is important that teens have correct information from a source they can trust. As parents, you ARE the most important trusted source of information in your teen’s life! April is actually STD Awareness month, so I thought it would be fitting to end the series this month.

We’ve covered many different STD’s (though not all of them), so now let’s take a moment to talk about syphilis. Read full post »

Just A Click Away: Talking To Your Teen About Internet Pornography

iStock_000019144724XSmallTeenagers encountering and viewing pornography is not a new phenomenon. When I was 13, my friend found a pornographic movie in her parents’ closet. We watched it with a mixture of fascination and alarm, carefully rewound the videotape to where it had been when it was discovered, and spent the rest of the afternoon giggling  about how gross it had been.

A year later, another friend discovered her father’s stash of pornographic magazines, which we read with the same mixture of curiosity and dismay. Most people I know had similar experiences in their adolescence. However, pornography has gone from being something hidden away by some parents, to something available to anyone with an internet connection. Read full post »

“Teenology 101” To Be Honored Internationally for Eliminating Every Single Teen Problem Worldwide


It’s been almost two years since we launched the Teenology 101 blog in May of 2011. And we’re proud to announce that, due to our efforts, teenagers no longer have any problems at all.

The CDC, WHO, and United Nations will be presenting the Teenology 101 authors with their highest accolades in the coming months. “We cannot thank Teenology 101 enough,” said Ban Ki-Moon, the secretary general of the United States. “There are literally no teenagers in existence with any problems whatsoever, and that’s all due to the Teenology 101 blog.”

Seattle’s local teens are celebrating with an ice cream social, during which they will compare homework tips, discuss ways to improve their communities, and share a lighthearted competition over whose parents are the most wonderful. “I’m really looking forward to the party, although I’ll only attend if I’ve studied enough for upcoming tests, cleaned my room, and helped my parents with all the chores around the house,” said Janet Smith, a 15-year-old from the Ballard area. When her cell phone buzzed, she said, “Oh, I’m sorry, what a rude interruption,” and continued talking politely to interviewers for 20 more minutes. Read full post »

Teens and Fad Diets

eating strawberryWe’re entering the last few days of March which is Nutrition Awareness month, so asked a guest author to talk a bit about some of the fad diets teens may be exposed to. As we’ve mentioned before, we support the idea of eating  a variety of foods balanced with regular physical activity. Diets can be dangerous for developing teens and a meal plan that uses diet pills, restricts calories, or is limited to consuming only a select food group is typically not recommended. This post is not an all encompassing list of popular diets, but our guest, Siobhan Thomas-Smith, a medical student at the University of Washington School of Medicine, highlights some of the popular fad diets in the media today. Read full post »

Topics in the News: Energy Drinks & Teens

iStock_000005235439XSmallA couple of years ago, I wrote a post about teens and energy drinks, and mentioned that because energy drinks are “nutritional supplements”, they didn’t have to adhere to certain FDA standards. However, that may change. Monster Energy Drinks have decided to market their products as “beverages”, not nutritional supplements, meaning that they must list ingredients in more detail, including caffeine. While a reasonable amount of caffeine has not been shown to harm healthy adults, caffeine may not be healthy for teens. Read full post »

Gone too soon: teen suicide

dark portraitWe had a post on teen suicide last summer, but a recent event prompted me to talk about this painful subject again. This week, the body of a teen girl was found near an elementary school and it’s thought that her death is related to suicide. The month of May is actually child mental health awareness month, so we will have more posts to come on mental health in teens, but for those affected by this recent tragedy, I wanted to offer tips for parents on signs that their teen may be suffering from depression. Read full post »

Teens benefit from two loving parents

Equal rights for same-sex marriageTeens and children face many challenges to growing up healthy and well adjusted. They may have school stress or disagreements with friends. There are pressures to succeed, to look a certain way or achieve certain goals. Teens face the added pressures of  possible drug and alcohol use, new relationships, and self-esteem. Today, the American Academy of Pediatrics released a statement in support of gay marriage. Why did they do this? Because having two loving parents is associated with better outcomes for children and teens. Read full post »

Teens and Sexual Assault, Part 8: The Media’s Response to the Steubenville Convictions

Taking notesI thought Part 7 was my last post in the series, but the media response to the sentencing of the two rapists in the Steubenville case has been so outrageous that I’m going to tack on a postscript here.

One of the first news reports to come out after the conviction was from CNN, and it spent much more time sympathizing with the rapists than the victim- in fact, the victim was not mentioned. You can watch the video here. A concerned Poppy Harlow states, “It was incredibly emotional, incredibly difficult even for an outsider like me, to watch what happened, as these two young men, that had such promising futures, star football players, very good students, literally watched as they believed their life fell apart…” She then goes on to describe said emotion in the courtroom, and the offenders’ sadness. Later on, another reporter asked a legal correspondent, “What’s the lasting effect of two young men being found guilty in juvenile court of rape, essentially?”
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