In this post on transition to adult medical care, we’ll discuss tips and strategies from parents, providers, and family advocates for those who are starting to navigate the complex process of transitioning out of pediatric care and into adult health care. Thank you to Dr Raina Voss and Joy Gehner for their help in organizing the series.

As an adolescent medicine specialist, I feel comfortable talking with teens about many different topics. Our conversations range from gender identity to managing homework. Almost nothing takes me by surprise at this point in my career, but there’s one topic that I always find challenging to approach: transitioning my patients to a provider who manages adult concerns. Pediatricians develop long-term relationships with the families they care for. We watch children grow into young adults, support parents in raising their families, and get to know the intimate details of our patient’s lives. As teens emerge into adulthood, we often find it challenging to transition their health care out of our hands.
Transition sounds like a straightforward concept. As we enter adulthood, we stop seeing the health care provider who knew us as a child and move onto to someone who cares for adults. Read full post »