I’m going to depart from the drug use series to highlight a timely events. On September 13, Seattle Children’s Hospital will partner with Seattle news station KOMO 4 to discuss keeping kids healthy while participation in athletics. Click here for a sneak peak of the special… Dr. Monique Burton recently provided us with advice for teens who are recovering from a concussion so we’ll cover some important things to know about concussion in this post:

  • A concussion is a brain injury and it requires time to heal. Healing is accomplished with rest, both physical rest and cognitive or mental rest
  • See your teen’s health care provider after a concussion. They can give more specifics about when it is safe to return to play and also if any imaging or testing is needed
  • Your teens symptoms need to be 100% gone in order to go back to playing their sport. They should gradually return to play, that means slowly increasing their amount of activity.
  • If your teen starts to have symptoms again after returning to play, their brain is not healed, so they need to rest some more.