Author: Cora Breuner, MD, MPH

Preparing Your Teen for College: Home for the Holidays

Right now you may be focusing on getting your teen settled into college life and the Holidays are months away, yet Thanksgiving and Winter break are just around the corner. Dr. Cora Breuner offers tips for time with your teen when they are home for the holidays.

Importance of helmets for teens

Helmets should be worn whenever a teen is participating in something that slides or rolls. Biking, skiing, skateboarding, and snowboarding are a few examples of activities where a teen is traveling fast enough that a fall could lead to a serious head injury. Unfortunately only 25% of teens wear helmets, though thousands end up in emergency rooms each year with a head injury that could have been prevented by using a helmet. We asked our colleague Dr. Cora Breuner to provide insight on why helmets are so important for teens and we’re shown how to properly fit a bike helmet.

Here is a link to a flyer that shows how to easily make sure your teen’s bike helmet fits correctly!

When Your Teen Drives You Crazy: Tips for Communication

It’s 10 PM. You are exhausted. You want to go to sleep because you have a big day tomorrow- back-to-back meetings and a presentation at noon. Ding! A text message comes in on your phone- it is your daughter.  She texts “Can you wake me up at 5:30 tomorrow morning? I have a science final that I need to study for.”

“Hang on”, you text back-.”Why are you waiting to the last minute to study for this test?”

Silence. You go to your daughter’s room and open the door to because you want to actually talk to her in person.

“Why are you in here?”, she asks, looking confused.

She is on the computer, sending a message to someone on Facebook. Her room has clothes and books scattered about.

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