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How To Get Your Teen To Lose Weight, Part 5: Helpful Online Resources for Self-Esteem & Media Literacy

As I mentioned in my last post, teens who want to lose weight need to be able to value and respect their bodies as they are, even if they are seeking to lose weight. It’s hard to find reliable resources that promote positive body image and self-respect for teens who are striving to be healthier. In this post, I’ve listed some websites that have some positive messages and good information (although they aren’t perfect.)

 I originally was planning on having a huge list of links for you to choose from. However, I could only find 5 sites that I really felt were valuable. These sites are good for both teens and adults, accept that strengthening body image and self-esteem is key for emotional and physical health, and don’t recommend unhealthy weight loss practices.

I also think it’s important for any teen, and especially an overweight teen, to see information about how big a role the media plays in shaping our self-image and perceptions of others. Some of these sites focus on media literacy and understanding that what the media presents to us as the ideal of beauty and weight (and  life goals, gender roles, and pretty much everything else) is not based in reality.

These websites have a ton of information, for both you and your teen. Take some time to click around and see what they have to offer! Read full post »

Social Networking Sites and Teen communication

Teens have always found ways to communicate that exclude adults. When I was a teen, we used slang terms like ‘fresh’ and ‘word’ to speak to each other. Cell phones were only used by the select few who were wealthy, pagers were still cool, and email was a brand new idea that was mainly used by people in corporate America to send office memos.

Teens in the 21st century have the advantage of having amazing technology at their disposal to use for communication. Chat rooms used to scare parents in the past. Now teens can text friends all night long, access the internet 24 hours a day with smart phones, or talk to friends who’ve moved away using webcams that are a standard feature on laptops. Social networking sites are now the place where the latest gossip is shared, or the newest ideas are exchanged. Our lives are no longer shared only with those who can come visit us at home, they are shared with friends (and strangers) around the world in cyberspace. Read full post »

Teens Texting and Compromising Photos

In this age of technology, teens may be tempted to take photos of themselves in compromising positions and send those to friends.  These pictures may be of themselves at a party drinking alcohol or even a picture of them in their underwear (or less) to a boyfriend or girlfriend.  They may think it’s not a big deal to send a private picture to one recipient, but that one ‘innocent’ photo may then be passed along to friends via text messages or posts on social networking sites.  Even if the picture is posted on a social networking site with ‘private settings’ with teens thinking only their friends are seeing them, the recent media coverage on celebrity nude photos shows us just how those compromising pictures can come back to haunt them later. Read full post »

Keeping Your Adolescent Safe Online

The World Wide Web has changed our lives.

You can order a pizza without picking up the phone, get directions without pulling out a map, and find your long-lost childhood sweetheart with a search engine. We can look up information on pretty much anything with a few keystrokes. People with rare interests or problems can find like-minded peers around the world, and people in different countries can play an online game together, chatting all the while.

Most people online are seeking information, sharing it with friends, or buying something. However, there have always been untrustworthy people who try to target us in person; now they are online as well.

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