There’s a saying in the Pacific Northwest that summer doesn’t start until July 5th. This summer of 2012 is living up to that saying in Seattle. The weather is forecast to finally hit above 80 degrees. Now teens have been out of school a couple of weeks, so while the weather is just getting warm enough for summer fun, teens may already be going a little stir crazy if they haven’t made plans to occupy their time this summer.

Without the daily structure of school, many parents may be looking for ways their teen can have a fun, yet productive summer break. Of course, there are lots of things for teens to do (volunteer, play a sport, go hiking, get a first job, go to camp, take a family vacation) but it can be challenging to know where to start.  If your teen does not have plans for the summer, consider asking them what they might be interested in doing with their time. It can be nice to take a little break from the stress of school, but teens should not use that break to only watch TV or spend time on the computer. Being sedentary (like spending more than 2 hours a day in front of a screen) has been linked with obesity. Not having the stress of school could be the ideal time to try a new hobby or spend time with friends and family!

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